About Us

Brabant Dental Lab was founded in 1937 by Joseph Brabant. Joe was a denture technician and quickly turned Brabant’s into one of the first full service laboratories in Northern California. Although exact dates are not available, Joe was an early member and supporter of the NADL, CAL Lab Group and the Vitallium Distributors of Northern California. Brabant’s reputation for high quality work was started…

In 1970 hands of ownership changed from Joe Brabant to James M. Ennis. Jim had worked for Joe Brabant since 1951, starting as a delivery driver on bicycle learning all aspects of Dental technology before settling in the Crown & Bridge Department. Jim managed the laboratory for many years prior to the purchase. Jim’s allegiance to carry on the reputation Brabant’s proudly earned was continued while growing the laboratory. 

​In the late 1960’s and early 70’s; Jim hired who became his next two partners, Stephen “Kip” Lemos and C. Neal Courter. Kip and Neal both started out as delivery drivers; quickly realizing they had a love for the profession and went hard at work to earn their CDT’s. In 1979 Neal and Kip officially became Jim’s partners. Kip specialized in Fixed Prosthetics while Neal specialized in Removables. Between the years of 1986 and 1990, the lab doubled in size (employee count) and remained the leader in cutting edge technology within the laboratory industry.

In 2000, the laboratory left “downtown Sacramento” for the first time in 63 years. We moved to the Natomas area and in August, 2004; Neal and Kip purchased and moved the laboratory into the location we are in today.

While in the years past, dental technology was all about the art and science of fabricating corrective devices and replacements for natural teeth. Today, our profession has grown to be much more than just laboratory work. We must now be able to assist the dentist in selections of materials and designs, as well as understand the challenges and limitations the dentist faces and work with them to achieve success.

We maintain being the oldest, full-service laboratory in Sacramento today still in business, and we are more proud of the hard work and commitment of our past and present employees to take Brabant’s to where we are today.

Thank you for your interest in our dental laboratory...